Application forms

Please always tell us your whole adress with country of origin and diocese!

1. Application forms for scholarships

a.) Guidelines for post-graduate scholarships

b.) Application forms for a post-graduate scholarship

Only applications duly completed and submitted in time will be checked. You also have to add the financial requirements (1.c) and the statement by the university (1.d).

c.) Financial requirements of a scholarship

The financial requirements have to be filled out by the authority which is recommending the candidate.

d.) Statement by the university at which studies will be pursued

For scholarship holders studying in Germany the Theological Scholarship Holder Program Albertus-Magnus (Theologische Stipendienprogramm Albertus-Magnus) is existing. It was introduced by the German Bishops' Conference. It presents a scientific and spiritual guidance, that is offered in addition to the MWIs' one. Participation at this program is obligatory. For further information, please read on here.

2. Application form to printing subsidies

a.) Guidelines to printing subsidies

Please see the conditions.

b.) Application form for books and reviews

3. Application forms for subsidies for academic meetings

Only application forms duly completed and submitted in time will be checked. 

4. Application form for research subsidies

    5. Application form for library subsidies

    Only application forms duly completed and submitted in time will be checked. 

    I am surprised but very proud about the donations to my jubilee

    „What the MWI is doing, is an example of sustainable help. If the celebration of my diamond jubilee contributes to this help, all the better!“

    Monsignore Mensing