Financing a (part of a) scholarship

You can provide direct help to a young Christian by financing his or her scholarship partially or entirely . 

Each year, the MWI determines who among the best and most promising candidates will be granted a scholarship for their PhD. You have the option to finance a scholarship partially or entirely, and you can thereby rest assured in the fact that you are supporting a young Christian from Africa and Asia in bringing about an improvement of the situation of the people.

If you want to finance the scholarship entirely, you have the option to decide who will actually  benefit from your donations. Please feel free to discuss this topic with the director of the MWI, Prof. Dr. Suermann. With his assistance, you can then deliberate on the concrete form of support you might provide to a young Christian scholarship holder.

Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann

Contact details

Phone: +49 241 7507-262

To pass on what we have inherited

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

"Withe the sells proceeds of our inherited house we have built our own home. As we do not have children of our own, we decided to pass our house on to the Institute of Missiology. It is important for us to be able to live on spiritually through our contribution to a good education for theologians from Asia and Africa."

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

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