17. October 2013
Bishop Julito B. Cortes appreciated the good wishes

E-Mail of 16 th of October 2013

Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann, Director, Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio, Institute of Missiology Missio

Dear DR. SUERMANN: May I extend sincerest gratitude to the Institute of Missiology Missio for the scholarship grant I received in 1985 to 1988 for my studies at the Angelicum University in Rome. The grant helped me finish my doctoral studies in theology, after which I returned to my home diocese (Dumaguete) as Rector of the local Seminary, Vicar general, then Diocesan Administrator. I became Auxiliary Bishop of the neighboring Archdiocese of Cebu and served there for almost 12 years before this appointment to Dumaguete. In all of these, I owe a debt of gratitude to the Institute. Thank you, too, for the kind wishes for this new task. God bless you all! Sincerely in the LORD, +Julito B. Cortes

To pass on what we have inherited

"Withe the sells proceeds of our inherited house we have built our own home. As we do not have children of our own, we decided to pass our house on to the Institute of Missiology. It is important for us to be able to live on spiritually through our contribution to a good education for theologians from Asia and Africa."

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

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