Mission and Objectives

The aim of the Institute of Missiology Missio e.V. (MWI) is to promote research and teaching within the catholic missionary work. The main objectives are the promotion of the autonomy and the future of the local church by enabling young, talented people to follow an academic formation and to achieve leading positions in their church. In a worldwide ecclesiastic learning community the MWI supports the exchange with Christians and theological institutions in Germany. 

The starting point of our activities is the 2nd Vatican Council (1962 until 1965). Regarding mission, it was decided that the Church will have the task to find solutions to social problems, particularly in the developing countries. Each human being should profit from this service of the church without regarding neither his origin nor his religion. Christian faith should be integrated in the multitude of local traditions and structures and ecclesiastic traditions of local churches should be supported. 

Priestly formation today requires not only learning about Christian theology and various pastoral activities, but also about their own culture and the social fabric and political system of their home country. This is helpful not only to preach more effectively the faith message, but also helps to improve the life conditions of the people. 

It is this mission that the MWI is working for, under the actual circumstances on the formation of priests, religious people and the laity.

MWI Objectives

This mission leads the MWI towards the following main objectives: 

  • interreligious dialogue,
  • intercultural exchange between different theological, philosophical and religious traditions,
  • promotion of the inculturation of the Good News and the contextual theological approaches in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

By interreligious and intercultural dialogue different religions and cultures are getting familiar with each other and enrich each other. Thus, dialogue contributes to a peaceful living-together of different people and groups.

By inculturation Church and the Good News get reachable for the people and thus get settled in the different cultures. Church and theology take these different cultural traditions into account in order to preach in these cultures and throughout them the Gospel. By this way of a mutual enrichment a learning community World Church will be build up.

Contextual Theologies take up with the concrete life's reality of people and present them in the light of the evangelism. They show us ways towards the future according to the mind of Christ. By this way they help to solve social problems in southern countries.

These are the objectives that the MWI is committed to in its promoted projects and in its activities.

To pass on what we have inherited

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

"By selling our inherited house we have built our own home. We do not have children of our own that is why we decided to pass our house on to the Institute of Missiology. It is important for us to be able to live on spiritually throughout well educated theologians."

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

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