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  • Family Tree of the Churches: With pleasure we present today the english version of the info graphic "The Family Tree of the Churches", which you may download. This service is free, still we thank you for every donation!

    With the help of this info graphic, we would like to contribute to the fact that you can assign the huge number of the churches in East Europe, the Middle East, India and North Africa. The pattern is not entire and circumstances are partially simplified. The regions give the main spreading areas which by mobility are still changing.

    For the download, please click here to get to the website with the PDF files.



  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenia
    Catholic University of Eastern Africa with the Association of Episcopal Conferences of Eastern African countries with six faculties, e.g. Theology and an Institute for Canon Law
  • Catholic University of Congo
    Catholic University in Kinshasa under the aegis of the Episcopal Conferences of Congo with different faculties, e.g. Theology, Philosophy and Canon Law
  • Association of Universities and Higher Catholic Institute of Africa and Madagascar
    Association of Catholic Universities in Africa and Madagascar

Europe and North America

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Pastor Günter Ludwig

"I celebrated my golden jubilee of my priesterhood with a three-day pilgrimage by foot with my former parish and with a High Mass. I look back with gratitude, praying for the MWI scholarship holders and their way with their communities. In favor of a donation for thescholarship holders I dispensed with gifts in order to express my spiritual and material solidarity with still emerging church in the south."

Pastor Günther Ludwig