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How can I receive a scholarship?

The MWI offers scholarships for postgraduate studies in theology, philosophy and related disciplines. For the terms of admission and application forms, please visit: Service >> Forms

Who can receive a MWI scholarship?

Only candidates for a post-graduate scholarship from Africa, Asia and Oceania are eligible for scholarahip. They must provide a letter of recommendation by the bishop or the superior. Their later mission as an important leader or in academic education must be guaranteed.  

Can German students apply for a scholarship?

The MWI does not award grants to German students. But we may give advice if students want to study (in the context of a sabbatical) Theology or Philosophy at a Catholic College or University in Africa or Asia. You may contact us at: 0241-7507-327 or info@(--remove this spamprotection--)

How can I support the MWI?

  • You may support the MWI by becoming a sponsor for a PhD student and by supporting him/her regularly during his/her studies. It is possible to have a personal contact. For more information please visit: Supporting >> a scholarship
  • You may support the MWI by a regular donation (per bank collection) or a single donation. For more information please visit: Supporting >> Donations
  • You may leave a legacy for the MWI. Setting up a foundation or making an endowment enables you to realize your concerns in the long-term with the help of the MWI. For more information please visit: Supporting >> Legacies

Where can I get information about the church, theology and society in the Third World or in the developing countries?

The MWI together with missio offers a mission library and catholic documentation center named mikado. It is accessibke to the public, and books and documents can be borrowed. Almost the entire content is included in an online catalogue and tagged.