To pass on what we have inherited

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

"Withe the sells proceeds of our inherited house we have built our own home. As we do not have children of our own, we decided to pass our house on to the Institute of Missiology. It is important for us to be able to live on spiritually through our contribution to a good education for theologians from Asia and Africa."

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

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After finishing my doctorate, I will be in a position to play an active role in the education and training of young students and the young academic talents in my home country as a lecturer.

Sr. Johanna Yan Xia Zhang, China

Sr. Johanna | China

Sr. Johanna Yan Xia Zhang comes from China. She pursues her doctoral studies at the Julius Maximilian University in Würzburg on the topic "The contributions of the Divine Word Missionaries for the church and society in China from the end of the 19th century until the first half of the 20th century".

Sr. Johanna has been working as a pastoral assistant in the Chinese diocese of Xianxian in the province of Hebei. After finishing her doctorate, she will be actively involved in the formation of priests as well as in the Department of History of Shandong University, one of the largest universities in China.

About her

  • Belongs to the sisters’ congregation of the Holy Hope
  • Doctoral thesis on the missionary history of China

Annual scholarship amount: 12.000 EUR

Her doctoral thesis will focus on the influence of the Divine Word Missionaries on missionary work in China. She strives to demonstrate the beneficial effects on the Chinese church and society and to illustrate changes and developments. At the same time, she aims to contribute to a better understanding of the colonial era in China.