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Cardinal Kasper

„MWI scholarships enable the future leaders of the church in Africa and Asia to acqire the knowledge they will need in thier future roles. There is hardly any way to help more directly and more personally than by supporting a scholarship holder.”

Cardinal Walter Kasper

With the MWI scholarship, I was able to lay the foundation stone for my academic career that now enables me to ameliorate the fate of many people.

Daniel Franklin Piliario, Philippines

Father Daniel Franklin Piliario | Philippines

Father Daniel Franklin Piliario CM is a member of the congregation of the mission of Saint Vincent of Paul in the Philippines. The scholarship provided by the MWI enabled him to complete his doctorate in the field of theology at the Catholic University in Leuven from 1998 to 2002. In 2003, he received the award for Humanities of the Academic Foundation in Leuven for his doctoral thesis.

Today, he holds the position of dean at the Theologian Faculty of the order-owned St. Vincent School of Theology. Until the present day, Father Franklin has been working closely together with the MWI. For example, he has coordinated and managed a research project on sexual violence against women in the Philippines that the MWI had initiated. Moreover, he was asked to conduct an evaluation of five of the biggest theological training institutes in the Philippines on behalf of missio and the MWI. Father Piliario also achieved international recognition through numerous publications. He is a co-founder of the 'Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines' (DAKATEO), and he is teaching as a guest professor at different universities in the Philippines.