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Since 50 years the MWI accompanied, together with his partners, younger Churches in Africa and Asia on their way into the future. We support their leaders during their education and we share the vision of a common future.


Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann, Direktor des MWI
Your congratulations

I was very thankful for the scholarship - and I still am. The postgraduate studies were a turning point in my life. 

Cardinal Louis Tagle, Philippines

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle | Philippines

Luis Antonio Tagle was born in Manila, Philippines, on June 21, 1957. By the help of the Institute of Missiology, he pursued his studies at the Catholic University in Washington from 1887 to 1991.

After his doctorate, he was invited to join the Theological Commission of the Asiatic Bishops Conference. His original plan had been to return to the seminary as a teacher.

On October 22, 2001, he was appointed bishop of Imus by Pope John Paul II. Ten years later, on October 13, 2011, he was appointed archbishop of Manila by Pope Benedict XVI. During the Consistory of November 24, 2012, he was appointed Cardinal of Manila. Only shortly afterwards, he participated at his first conclave. In May 2015, he was elected President of Caritas Internationalis.

Luis Tagle comes from a very "modest" family background, but his parents gave him the most beautiful gift for his future life: they took care of giving an excellent upbringing to their children and of conveying moral values to them, so that both Luis Tagle himself as well as his brother had a solid basis to prepare them for their life in society.

For more information, you may also read the interview (only available in German) with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, which took place during the V. IACM Congress in Nairobi (Kenia) on July 18, 2013. The MWI would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Michael Meyer from the missio department "Theologische Grundlagen (Theological Basics)" for conducting the interview.



His life - major events and dates

  • 2015: he is elected President of Caritas Internationalis
  • 2013: Participation at the Conclave
  • 2012: he is appointed Cardinal
  • 2011: he is appointed Archbishop of Manila by Pope Benedict XVI.
  • 2001: he is appointed bishop of Imus by Pope John Paul II.; his slogan is "Dominus Est!" ("It is the lord!") is his dictum
  • 1982: Tagle is ordained priest
  • since 1997: member of the International Theologian Commission
  • 1982 - 1983: Tagle is vicar and spiritual, later dean of the seminary for priests in Imus
  • 1993 - 1995: bishops' vicar for religious people
  • 1987 - 1991: doctorate studies at the Catholic University of Washington
  • 1991: award of his doctorate in Theology
  • Philosophy studies at the San José Seminary and Catholic Theology studies at the Ateneo de Manila University