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Constantin Katelu Kamba, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Abbé Katelu | Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country ravaged by diverse crises where many new religious movements with partially dangerous tendencies arise. It is therefore of the utmost relevance for this country to provide for a competent specialization in Biblical Studies, including the biblical languages, in order to guarantee a responsible approach to the Holy Scripture.

Constantin Katelu was born in Kananga, the capital of the province of West Kasai in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 1986. After graduating from school, he enters the Grand Seminary in Kabwe. After finishing his studies of Philosophy and Theology, he is ordained priest of the diocese of Kananga in 2011. He works with the youths at schools, provides pastoral care in the parish of Saint Peter in Demba and is furthermore teaching at the “Institut Supérieur de Sciences Religieuses” in Kananga. In 2015, his bishop sends him to the “Catholic University of Eastern Africa” (CUEA) in Nairobi, Kenia, where he specializes in the field of Biblical Studies. He takes English lessons and is promoted assistant to Professor Albert Ngengi Mundele at the CUEA. Due to his excellent academic records, Professor Mundele recommends him for preparing a doctoral degree in Biblical Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Abbé Katelu’s doctoral thesis will focus on the pericope of the miraculous multiplication of bread (Mt 15, 29-39) which he will examine and discuss against the background of processes of the formation of a collective identity in African societies. He will first provide a text-based interpretation. Subsequently, he will introduce traditional values of the African society (solidarity, hospitality) which today face serious threats by crises and fundamentalism. In a third step, he will outline the necessary bases for creating a community identity as envisioned by Jesus.

Abbé Katelu will receive German lessons for seven months and will then do his doctorate for three years.
On the recommendation of Archbishop Madila of Kananga, who is a former scholarship holder of the MWI, he will work as a professor at the supra-diocesan Grand Seminary in Kananga after obtaining his doctoral degree.

About him

Abbé Constantin Katelu

  • Born in Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo, on June 13, 1986
  • 2011: Priestly ordination in Kananga
  • Doctoral studies in the field of Biblical Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich
  • Topic of the doctoral thesis: Pericope of the miraculous multiplication of bread

Abbé Katelu’s doctorate is a contribution towards achieving a more responsible handling of the Holy Scripture in the face of the multitude of new religious movements with partially dangerous tendencies.

Duration of doctoral studies: 1.10.2018-30.09.2022
Total costs of doctoral studies: 57.816,- EUR