Allocation of Scholarships for Doctoral Projects

The MWI enables young, talented lay and religious people and priests from Africa and Asia to acquire the needed qualification for assuming leading roles in the Catholic Church. The MWI provides scholarships for studies in theology, philosophy and related subjects at African, Asian and European universities. When choosing scholarship holders, we do not only pay attention to the academic and the pesonal qualification of the applicant but also to the social and the ecclesiastic relevance of the studies for the future of the respective local church. 

Subsidies for Scientific Research

The MWI wants to enable young leading personalities to find ways to improve the living conditions and the future prospects of the people and local churches in their region also after their return to their home countries. It therefore supports them through subsidies for research, academic meetings and publications as well as through contributions to the preservation and strengthening of scientific libraries. 

Promotion of the Worldwide Exchange of Knowledge

In a worldwide learning community, the MWI promotes the exchange of ideas on teaching contents of theological studies under the current circumstances of the mobility of students, the international network of science and the respective local conditions through an evaluation of catholic theological universities and faculties, the arrangements of contacts between catholic universities and their teachers and the promotion of academic conferences.