Every day is a gift from God. And yet, there inevitably comes a time when the understanding of the epheneral nature of everything in the world leads to the following realization regarding one's own personal life: also my own life is something ephemeral. However,  what will happen to the values and things that are important for me today after my death?

Often we shirk away form confronting this kind os question and fail to take appropriate preparatory steps.

The Institute of Missiology Missio e.V. would like to encourage you to take the chance to fix your last will in a testament.

If it is a personal matter to you to support the assignment of scholarships to talented theologians and future leaders in Africa, Asia and Oceania, you can ask us for information on appropriate personal testament arrangements.  

Our guide "Letters to the future" provides answers to many questions and shows you just how easy it is to address a letter to the future by establishing your last will. As this topic involves sensitive and personal issues, the Institute of Missiology Missio e.V. in collaboration with missio Aachen e.V. offers the option of a personal meeting to discuss the draft of your will. Please find below the contact details of Marion Havenith. She will gladly assist you with the individual formulation of intended purpose and conditions. If desired by you, she will also be available for a personal meeting at your home.

For more detailed information on inheriting and bequeathing, please visit  missio-hilft.de/testament (only available in German).

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50 years MWI

Since 50 years the MWI accompanied, together with his partners, younger Churches in Africa and Asia on their way into the future. We support their leaders during their education and we share the vision of a common future.


Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann, Direktor des MWI
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