09. January 2020
News from the AGORA Foundation: Successful crowdfunding project

John Fernandes in the middle of his concelebrants

The Agora Foundation successfully funded a crowdfunding project for the first time in 2019. The book by John Fernandes "Unbeaten paths" (in German "ungebahnte Wege") should now appear in English for the international market after the successful German edition. It deals autobiographically with the theological training of John Fernandes in Innsbruck and Trier at the time of the Second Vatican Council and the steps to implement this theology in the Indian context. With the help of a group of friends, the money for the printing of the English-language work came to about € 2,000. We would like to thank all donors and the PAX-Bank who have contributed to such an important work with their contributions. John Fernandes expresses special thanks to all donors:

"I do not only thank the Institute of Missiology and the director, Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann, but especially the "Agora Foundation" and the PAX-Bank for the successful completion of the crowdfunding. Also your support, dear friends, has an important part in the success of the project. I would like to thank everyone very, very sincerely for this gesture of solidarity, through which you express the recognition of my work.”

The first crowdfunding project of the Agora Foundation has been successfully completed and thus suggests that further projects might be financed through crowdfunding. Such a campaign is particularly promising if a group of friends or a supporter group, together with the Agora Foundation, supports a project financially.

Read more about the AGORA Foundation here.

I am surprised but very proud about the donations to my jubilee

„What the MWI is doing, is an example of sustainable help. If the celebration of my diamond jubilee contributes to this help, all the better!“

Monsignore Mensing