26. August 2016
Congratulations to Rev. Sr. Kochuthresia Puliappallil

Rev. Sr. Kochuthresia Puliappallil defending her thesis

More than 25 sisters and members of her family assist at her defense

Rev. Sr. Kochuthresia Puliappallil graduated in Moral Theology at the Dharmaran Vidya Kshetram on The Understanding of Cardinal Virtues in Christian Ethics and the Formation of the Faithful into Virtuous Community: with Special Reference to the Initial Sacraments in the Catholic Churches in India.

She belongs to the “Holy Spirit” Congregation. She is the first sister of her order to study moral theology and the first to have graduated. She has already defended her thesis very successfully. Her doctor father wants her to publish it as soon as possible. And she has already been invited by the Suvidya College in Bangalore to hold lectures of moral theology for philosophy students.

The MWI congratulates Rev. Sr. Kochuthresia Puliappallil on her successful work and wishes her all the best and god’s blessings for her future tasks and responsibilities.

I am surprised but very proud about the donations to my jubilee

„What the MWI is doing, is an example of sustainable help. If the celebration of my diamond jubilee contributes to this help, all the better!“

Monsignore Mensing