Our scholarship holders

Our scholarship holders are preparing themselves with their graduations for leading functions in their home countries. In future, they will announce the Gospel and the Good News. Moreover, they do engage for concrete ameliorations for the people in their countries.

We are presenting some of our scholarship holders of which we expect in the next few years an important impulse for the church and the world. And you can find out what our scholarship holders want to do and why it is worth it to support them by a complete or also a part of a scholarship. 

Father Thomas Sajan | India

Women are oppressed in the Indian society. Sexual violence against women both at home and street has become endemic in India. Their individuality and identity are continued to be limited as sexual objects and reservoir of raising children preferably male.

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Father Rhodel Nacional | Philippines

With his research project Father Rhodel Nacional aims to provide an alternative in addressing the ecological problems in the Philippines. He wants to examine the virtues of people and the way how we look at ourselves and our relationship with other created beings. This is one step to pave the way for the creation of the Vincentian Ecoligical Desk once he will be back in his home country.

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Father Andrew Otu | Nigeria

For several months Nigeria is terrorized by the terrorist group „Boko Haram“ (in English: „The western culture is evil“). During attacks in the North of the country Muslims and Christians were murdered, churches, police stations and market places are targeted by the criminals. 

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Father Celso Larracas | Libya

Peace and reconciliation are the two most important objectives for Father Celso Larracas. With his Islamic and Arab studies he wants to help to achieve these goals for Libya.

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Father Biju Joseph Karukappallil | India

Meeting Mother Teresa during his youth inspired Biju Karukappallil to take up with missionary activities. Her vision impressed him at that time and still is doing it today. Also, he wants to spread the thoughts that are based on the Gospel-values. He is actually studying at the Biblicum in Rome in order to teach at the Samanvaya Theological College in Bhopal later on.

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Father Gideon Pwakim | Nigeria

Believing in God helped Gideon Pwakim through a childhood and youth, characterized by various changements. With concern he is looking at the present-day situation in his home town Jos. He wants to increase the inter-religious dialogue in order to restore peace. That is why he is now studying at the University of Sankt Georgen in Francfort.

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I am surprised but very proud about the donations to my jubilee

„What the MWI is doing, is an example of sustainable help. If the celebration of my diamond jubilee contributes to this help, all the better!“

Monsignore Mensing