Long term donation

Help with a long-term donation

Also after the successful completion of a doctoral degree, we support our scholarship holders in their research work, but also other talented theologians and philosophers. In order to promote the theological development in Asia, Africa and Oceania, we have established the Agora Foundation. It accumulates the capital stock, and with the accrued interestincome we are able to finance some of our projects. 

With a long-term donation, your money is channeled into the capital stock of the Foundation, where it is professionally managed. The accrued interests are used every year for the funding of research projects of the local church. 

By contributing financially with a long-term donation, you provide a permanent kind of support. Every year, we support theological, philosophical and other scientific projects of the local church. Today, many of our former Scholarship holders are today leading figures in this scientific field.

Prof. Dr. Harald Suermann

Questions about long term donations, the amount and the arrangement are best discussed directly with the director of the MWI, Prof. Dr. Suermann. He will be glad to help you. 

Contact details

E-Mail: suermann@(--remove this spamprotection--)mwi-aachen.org 
Phone: ++49 241 7507-262

To pass on what we have inherited

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

"Withe the sells proceeds of our inherited house we have built our own home. As we do not have children of our own, we decided to pass our house on to the Institute of Missiology. It is important for us to be able to live on spiritually through our contribution to a good education for theologians from Asia and Africa."

Tilde und Rolf Glaser

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