Privacy policy

The MWI takes the protection of personal data very seriously. For this reason, we would like to inform you about which data is stored and how that information is used.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in and about the Institute of Missiology Missio e.V. (MWI).

The MWIs objective is to offer a diversified online presence by preserving your right of informational autonomy and by protecting your personal privacy. It is natural for us to respect the data protection conditions.

1. Our data protection principles

We take the security of data in the internet very seriously. We preserve your information by modern security systems and we adhere to the legal data protection policies.

If you support the MWI financially or if you use our service offers, you decide to give us your personal data for theses aims by the internet contact forms.

2. Registration, data collection

We need your personal data for the correct processing for donating on our website, for using our services (e.g. registration for information services or demand for information material and) or for contacting us.  

This data collection is explicitly mentioned in regard to your registration. The compulsory data, the extent of which is explained in the contact form, is only needed and used for this contract relation. Giving the optional data is not necessary for the registration.

The MWI respects the will of donators and interested people, who do not want to be contacted anymore. You may object to the use of your data by completing this form or by writing to:

  • Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio e.V.
    Goethestraße 43
    52064 Aachen.

3. User profiles

The MWI does not create personal user profiles. If you want to use our internet offer, your movement is only recorded anonymously, i.e. it is not possible to identify you. We are not able to see which user asked for what data. The MWI uses the anonymous data for improvement of the user guidance and the design of the internet presence.

We need your data if you subscribe to our newsletter, if we answer your questions or for the forms on our donation pages. These data are only used for the processing of the mentioned purposes.

We safe and handle your data for carrying out the direct debiting of your ordered donation, for the care of the ongoing funding relationship and for sending you information about our actual projects and scholarship holders. Involved credit institutes only get your data if it is necessary for the direct debiting. The technical operation of the data processing is partly done by external services but they also have to stick to this privacy police.

4. Data logging

At every visit at the MWI website and when looking for a file (e.g. the contact form) the following data about this process are saved in a log file:

  • IP-address of the demanding computer,
  • Name of the demanded file,
  • Date and hour of the demand,
  • Access method/function from the demanding computer,
  • Access status of the web-server (data submitting, file not found, demand not executed, and so on)
  • URL, from which the file was demanded/the wished function was arranged,
  • Operating system, the type of browser respectively the browser set up.

There is no possibility to join your IP address with your personal data that means that usage profiles are not drawn up. The saved data are only used for the purpose of identification and tracking of inadmissible access trials/accesses on the web server and for statistic evaluation like visiting counter and popularity of the site. 

5. Secure data transfer

Data concerning your donation will be transferred by a secure connection and in an encrypted way. The used process (SSL- Secure Socket Layer) is state of the art and is known to be safe. You may recognize it by the closed lock and by the „https: “in the browser file.

6. Overview of your rights

Principally, your personal data is deleted as soon as the purpose has reached for which we have saved them. But we have to inform you that we have sometimes to stick to legal retention obligations and that we are not able to delete them to the date you have wished. In this case you can ask us for blocking your data.

7. Right to information

We inform you at every time and without cost, which personal data we have from you. If you want to know it, please use this form or contact:

  • Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio e.V.
    Goethestraße 43
    52064 Aachen.


8. Deactivation and blocking of your data (right to object)

If you want to change, block or deactivate your personal data, please use this form or contact:

  • Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio e.V.
    Goethestraße 43
    52064 Aachen.

Please keep in mind that it can only be deactivated after having done all commercial processings. Please inform us, if you want to know if the blocking or deactivation have been executed.

9. Information desk of the MWI

If you want to assert your rights to obtain information, have questions about this privacy statement or our privacy statement behaviour in the web, thank you for using this form.

The MWI is asking for your support

Cardinal Kasper

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Cardinal Walter Kasper